Friday, December 25, 2009

Pop and Martin Concert In Cebu Waterfront hotel

Cebu City(Press Release) -- Was it a mere twist of fate? A random episode of chance and happenstance? Or were they really – after all these years – meant to make beautiful music together…forever? Will love spark anew and engulf their audience in a captivating embrace of nostalgia and romance?

Don’t dare miss out on this defining moment in OPM history as the Concert King and Queen Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez team up in a much-awaited back-to-back concert spectacle dubbed ‘TOGETHER AGAIN…LIVE IN CEBU to be held at the Pacific Grand Ballroom, Waterfront Hotel and Casino Lahug on Jan. 9, 2010.

Hearts will go a-flutter as the dynamic tandem mesmerizes their loyal fans with a cascade of heart-warming songs, a kaleidoscope of breath-taking hi-tech visuals and the delightful presence of equally-talented guest performers and musical colleagues.

Their biggest back-to-back outing to date, ‘TOGETHER AGAIN… LIVE IN CEBU” promises to double the excitement and grandeur of their sold-out concert six years ago – which paved the way for an equally successful string of performances in the U.S.. Produced by BCB Productions and Management this epic production is for the benefit of Operation Smile Cebu.

Tickets are available at the following ticket outlets: SM City Cebu (233-0445), Ayala Center Cebu (233.4463), and Club Ultima @ 418.7777 ext. 1903 or see our print ads for details.

Ticket Prices: ₱2,500 and ₱2,000 (reserved seating) ₱1,000, and ₱500 (free seating)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vilma, John Lloyd and Luis to attend U.S.

Much awaited comedy-drama to premiere in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New Jersey

REDWOOD CITY, CA, September 9 2009 – On the occasion of TFC’s 15th and Star Cinema’s16th anniversaries, ABS-CBN International’s Starry Starry Store brings to the U.S. the much awaited comeback of the Philippine entertainment industry’s Star for All Seasons: multi-awarded actress and current Batangas Province Governor Vilma Santos in the comedy-drama, In My Life.

The last time fans caught Santos on screen was in Mano Po 3: My Love in 2004. In In My Life, Santos was thrilled by the key “firsts” she encountered: her first time to play the role of a mother of a gay son (played by Luis Manzano), her first time to be in the movie with her real-life son (Manzano) and the first time for Manzano and reigning Box Office King John Lloyd Cruz to play gay characters in love.

“In My Life offers you a different Vilma Santos, a different John Lloyd Cruz and a different Luis Manzano,” said the film’s director, Olivia Lamasan, the woman behind the blockbusters Milan, Sana Maulit Muli, Got 2 Believe and Madrasta. “You have to see the genuine chemistry among these three actors who are together for the first time in a movie. This is also a unique film because it presents a mother in her 50s, thinking that she’s been through all and seen it all, when in actuality, a new chapter in her life is just beginning.”

Santos plays Shirley, a public school librarian who wants to be in control of everything. Her unwarranted intervention in the lives of her children and their families leads to their emotional detachment from each other. Feeling she has lost her command over her children, she flies to New York to reunite with his estranged son, Mark (Manzano) only to find out that her son is gay and she has to live with him and his lover, illegal immigrant Noel (Cruz). As Shirley struggles to deal with the situation and with living in the Big Apple, she discovers that being gay is not the only huge secret that Mark is keeping. Discovering what this is will change Shirley’s life forever.

“This is a heart-warming story about acceptance, friendship and love that is masterfully handled by director Lamasan and brilliantly acted by the lead actors,” said Kerwin Du, ABS-CBN North America’s head of theatricals. “We are so proud to bring the film to the U.S. and hold premieres in the east and west coasts to kick off in a grand way the fall season movie offerings from ABS-CBN.”

The premiere schedule of In My Life is as follows:

LOS ANGELES (September 26)
Alex Theatre
216 N Brand Blvd.
Glendale, CA

SAN FRANCISCO (September 27)
Fox Theatre
2215 Broadway St.
Redwood City, CA

NEW JERSEY (September 30)
George W. Newman Theatre
One Williams Plaza
Rutherford, NJ 07070


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Luis Manzano: Gay role came as shocker

Luis Manzano: Gay role came as shocker 

MANILA, Philippines Luis Manzano originally turned down the role of a gay lover to John Lloyd Cruz’s character in the film In My Life, because it required him to have intimate scenes with another man, the actor confessed.
The offer to do a gay role came as a shocker. I know there has to be some intimacy between John Lloyd and me, and I didn’t want to do it, Luis said during a media gathering at the ABS-CBN offices in Quezon City last week. After reading the script, however, I understood my character

Luis plays Mark, an advertising executive based in New York City. John Lloyd is Noel, Mark’s lover. Luis’ real-life mom, award-winning actress Vilma Santos, also plays his mother Shirley in the film. She visits him in New York and is shocked to discover that he has colon cancer. Olivia Lamasan directs.
When I pitched the story to Luis, I was really confident that he would accept it. It’s an opportunity for him to work with his mother and to get featured in a dramatic film. I got the shock of my life when he immediately said ‘no’, said Lamasan.I told him to read the script first. I felt happy that in the next meeting he said yes.

Vilma pointed out that she did nothing to convince her son to change his mind. I just want to tell everyone that I was never part of Star Cinema’s negotiations with Lucky (Luis’ nickname). From the start, I already told our bosses that they can’t expect me to call Lucky to convince him to do it, because I won’t,said Vilma, also the governor of Batangas province.

John Lloyd explained the need for an intimate scene with Luis. The scene gives the viewers an idea of how much Noel and Mark really love each other, he said. We prepared for it. We waited for the right time and made sure the setting was perfect before shooting it.

No kissing
Luis added: In the film, you won’t see John Lloyd and me kissing but you will see Noel and Mark sharing a very beautiful moment.

John Lloyd, who made box-office records with his movie A Very Special Love and its sequel You Changed My Life with Sarah Geronimo, said he is thrilled to be part In My Life.
If I would describe [what’s it like] working with Ate Vi and Inang (director Olive), I would compare it to going sky diving for the first time, said John Lloyd. Once you’re in the plane, you really have no choice but to jump. If you chicken out, sasama ang loob mo and you will regret not doing it for the rest of your life. I took the challenge, no matter how scared I was...

John Lloyd also confessed to being in awe of Vilma. I just sit in one corner and watch her do her stuff. She’s amazing. I realized that Ate Vi is more interesting when the camera is not rolling. That’s when you’d get to see a lot of good things about her. You’d see how well she takes care of her coworkers on the set, how she treats all of us as her equal, and how she feeds us with sumptuous tulingan until we’re all fat, he said.
In My Life, written by Raymond Lee and Senedy Que, premieres in local theaters on September 16.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Luis Manzano keeps a lid on rumored split with Angel Locsin

Talks are ripe that Luis Manzano and girlfriend Angel Locsin have called it quits after they were seen snubbing each other in an “ASAP” segment.

Luis Manzano was quick to admit that they are going through “something,” but he refused to divulge details.

"Whatever our reasons or disagreements…it’s between us. No there’s no third party involved,” said he.

Prodded further, Vilma Santos’ son said the issue was not because of scheduling. "It's not also [because we lack] time. We don’t bother with that because we respect each other’s schedules. We will never fight just because of something so petty [as time].”

Manzano is hopeful that they’ll both be able to settle the matter soon.

"Right now, we're trying to work things out. Hopefully, we will be able to fix this."

It should be remembered that the couple almost broke up early this year with Locsin even changing her Facebook status to "not in a relationship."

Locsin is now in South Korea filming a TV commercial. Her manager, Becky Aguila, said she’s clueless about the break-up issue and all she knows is that Angel and Luis had a misunderstanding.

Aguila also said that she and Angel are extending their stay in South Korea for a “vacation.”

Are they really on with  John LLOYD and Luis Manzano?


Tuesday, August 25, 2009